A Whipped ice cream cone, a 99, a sundae, real classics that never go out of fashion, that just seem to have been around since … ‘everybody was a child’ … They are Real Dairy Ice Cream in its purest state, where you get to spend a moment savouring that milky goodness of rich dairy farmed in the green pasturers of Ireland. No wonder it tastes so good!

A Cone
100 grams of the finest pure dairy ice cream dispensed onto a fresh crispy wafer cone.

A ’99’
Where that name comes from we don’t know but we do know that a Cadbury’s milk chocolate flake added to one of our creamy towers of goodness is a tradition worth keeping.

Kids Cone
The same as Mummy and Daddies one, perfectly formed and oh so cute … Start them off how you mean them to go on with that wholesome dreamy goodness of Dairy ice cream.

A Sundae
Strawberry Puree, Luxury Caramel or Dark Chocolate sauce, drizzled around the inside of a clear plastic cup and filled with our real dairy ice cream, finished with a squeeze of sauce on top.

A Screwball
Pop a bubblegum ball into a clear cup, trickle a strawberry, raspberry, lime, butterscotch or chocolate flavoured syrup down the inside and watch as the ice cream kisses up against it. Finish it off with a trickle of syrup over the top, add a little spade and dig in.