My Smooch

My Smooch is a mixture of our creamy soft serve dairy ice cream with your choice of inclusions. Pick your three favourite inclusions from the list below and we will mix them with our real dairy ice cream. Add chocolate, colour, and crunch your way… Nestle Yorkie bits, Oreo Crunch, Chocolate Honeycomb, Mini Smarchie’s (‘Smooch’ies), Mini Marshmallows, Mini Wafer Choc Balls, Chocolate Mini Buttons, White Chocolate Shavings, Dark Chocolate Shavings, White Chocolate drops, Mini Malt’smooch’ers, Sugar Strands.

Design your own smooch

Whipped, real dairy ice cream mixed with your choice of fun topping. Toppings include:

  • Smarties
  • Mallows
  • Malters
  • Chocolate Buttons
  • Chocolate Wafer Balls
  • Honeycomb Crunch
  • Yorkie Bits
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Chocolate Shavings Dark/li>
  • Chocolate Shavings White
  • Oreo
  • Strawberry Buttons
  • Sugar Strands
  • Plain Honeycomb Bits
  • Chocolate Biscuit Balls
  • Vanilla Nut Crunch