What is Smooch

“Smooch is a fun consumer brand of soft serve ice cream with all the goodness of real dairy.”

It offers consumers a personal involvement in the creation of their ice cream. It extends the theatre and wonder that normally goes with the making of a freshly made cone across a number of new menu choices, each one with its own unique speciality. It adds fun, creativity, luxury and indulgence to the much loved ’99’ and turns your store into a destination zone for the local community.

Your customers get to choose three fun toppings to a cup of real dairy ice cream and have them mixed together, or a luxury Ferrero Rocher style chocolate for an indulgent cup of real dairy ice cream. They also get the opportunity to see their ice cream turned into a creamy milkshake with a chocolate bar like a Kinder Bueno used as the flavour.

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how does it work

“We consult, design, manufacture and custom fit a fun Smooch branded zone in your shop.”

The branded Smooch zone is typically located at your till line which takes up an average of 2.5 sq mtrs of space. We project manage the full job including site survey, design drawings, manufacture, branding, installation, training, product supplies and marketing. The soft serve ice cream machine can either be your current model if it has a large enough output or we can supply one.

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is it a franchise

“No, it is an indigenous Irish Brand created to make you more from your soft serve ice cream sales.”

You buy and own the fit out and we support you with staff training, product supplies and marketing. The only conditions we have is that you buy your stock from us so we can protect the customer engagement and consistency of brand.

We are a family run business operating since 1991, small enough to care and big enough to support and are Ireland’s leading supplier to the soft serve ice cream market. Smooch is the No. 1 brand ice cream parlour solution in Ireland and at the heart of the brand is our high quality real dairy ice cream and exceptional customer focus.

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Is it profitable

“In short yes!”

Return on investment is between one and six months with average profits as high as €10,000 in July and €1,200 in January. In addition to this is the extra uplift in general sales in your store with the increase in footfall to your new destination zone. It gives you the retailer the sought point of difference that steers customers to your store.

Smoochs creamy goodness will have your customers coming back for more, this phenomenon we call ‘Twice Cream‘.

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how much does it cost

“Fit outs are custom made for each location and vary in price.”

For a specific quote designed for your own store and unique requirements, please fill in the online enquiry form to the right and our sales team will contact you.

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