Smooch Deluxe

Smooch Deluxe is a mixture of our creamy soft serve dairy ice cream with your choice of our luxury mixes.

Fall in love with our Chocolate Cookies (a chocolate, hazelnut and crumbly shortcake biscuit sauce) blended with our real dairy ice cream.

Or why not try our Ferrero (a ‘ferrerocciously’ creamy milk chocolate, crispy wafer and chopped hazelnut sauce) blended with our real dairy ice cream.

Prefer a fresher taste? Then try our Raspberry Chocolate Swirl, a (Raspberry puree from real fruit, your choice of white or dark Belgian chocolate flakes) blended with our real dairy ice cream.


The Luxury Smooch

Whipped, real dairy ice cream mixed with indulgent, luxury blends of textures & flavours. Choose from:

  • Chocolate Cookies: chocolate and hazelnut sauce and crumbly shortcake biscuits blended with dairy ice cream.
  • Ferrero: creamy milk chocolate, crispy wafer, chopped hazelnuts blended with our dairy ice cream.
  • Raspberry Chocolate Swirl: dark or white chocolate flakes, raspberries and syrup swirled through our dairy ice cream.